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At Heartland Tire, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Brainerd, MN, Ramsey, MN and Central Minnesota. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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Heartland Tire
Not a very good.experience. Won't be back.
Heartland Tire
I am extremely displeased with the service and fees I was charged. I was on vacation in the area and had experienced steering issues and took vehicle to be inspected. What they said would be 15 minutes turned into an hour and 20 minutes and they found nothing wrong. I was able to get my vehicle home but it was discovered that there was in fact a problem...infact, multiple problems that will now cost me almost $2000 to repair. Thanks for nothing!
Heartland Tire
My daughter brought in her 1999 rusted out Intrigue because there was a grinding noise coming from the rear when she applied the brakes. I do carpentry work for a living and I KNEW what the problem was when she and I talked on the phone. She is a college student living two hours away from me. Had this vehicle been at home I would have done the work myself. This is what the shop wrote on the invoice my comments will be in upper case letters: "We found that the rear brakes were almost metal on metal (OF COURSE, THUS THE GRINDING NOISE) and the rear brake rotors were severely rusty(EVERY VEHICLE YOU LOOK AT IN MINNESOTA HAS SEVERELY RUSTY ROTORS ESPECIALLY SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD VEHICLES). Will need front brake pads and rotors very soon also(WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT THE FRONT OF THE VEHICLE? IT NEEDS NEW PADS ON THE REAR AND POSSIBLY NEW ROTORS). Also needs outer tie rod ends and alignment(AGAIN, FRONT OF THE VEHICLE), lower control arm bushings are wearing out(REALLY? ON A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD CAR THESE THINGS ARE WEARING OUT? AGAIN, FRON OF THE CAR), the front sway bar is broken(FRON OF THE CAR) and is in need of 4 tires very soon." Your shop is a thorough shop and I appreciate this. However, it appears generating business and making money at your shop is the highest priority as is evident by the inspection and subsequent work. "Remove front brake calipers, inspect all pistons, slides, hardware and hydraulic hoses. Install all new brake pads, clean and lubricate the caliper slides and mounting hardware. Remove the brake rotors, verify they are within factory specifications, machine the rotors and reassemble." IT WOULD HAVE BEEN CHEAPER TO INSTALL NEW ROTORS!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE FRONT BRAKES!!! NOT HAPPY. YOUNG BLONDE COLLEGE GIRL BRINGS CAR IN, YOUNG BLONDE COLLEGE GIRL PAYS DEARLY. $365.17 I understand using premium parts releases your shop from responsibility. The car is going to rust out around the brake pads thank you very much. Have a nice day.
Showing 161-163 of 163 reviews
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